From Australia to Italy, from the Great Southern to Galacia, we’ve made it easy for you to discover your new favourite wines from all over the world.

AustraliaDiscover the best wine producing regions in our own back yard.
SpainTake a trip to the sun-soaked wine regions of Spain.
ItalyDiscover what gives these Italian wine regions their distinct flavour.
FranceExplore some of the world’s most famous wine producing regions.


With a textured, multicultural past, Andalusian wines have had centuries to develop a personality of their own. In fact, it’s a history apparently dating back to the 8th century BC. This wine region in Spain’s sun-drenched south-west enjoys mild average temperatures, no frosts and long, lazy hours of sunshine – the perfect location to lay down roots. A large, sprawling region, Andalucia is the original home of everyone’s Grandma’s favourite fortified wine – sherry. But while known for its signature heavy dessert wines, there’s so much more to explore. Click through to see what our winemaking families have selected for you to savour.

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Altitude3,285m above sea level
Growing SeasonMarch - August
Rail fall average565mm
Mean January Temp10°C - 15°C
Red share of region56%
White share of the region44%


Tucked away in the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula, the lush, green rolling valleys of Galacia create a vibrant geography that’s somewhat removed from the rest of the country – much like the wine it produces. This green corner of Spain is dominated for the most part by a maritime climate coming in off the Atlantic Ocean, creating a cooler microclimate that allows it to produce crisp, acidic, and fragrant white wines. But while its full-bodied whites are what the area’s known for, there’s plenty to explore in this coastal region.

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Altitude400m – 600m above sea level
Growing SeasonMarch – August
Rail fall average1000mm – 1300mm
Mean January Temp11°C
Red share of region45%
White share of the region55%

La Rioja

Tracing the course of the Ebro River, you’ll find the meandering vineyards of the La Rioja wine region. A sun-soaked wine region, La Rioja has written evidence of wine production dating back to the year 873 – making our Australian regions seem like a mere glimmer in the eye. Known for its fruity, oak barrel-aged red wines, the region itself enjoys a wide mix of climates and different types of terrain. But despite its history and tradition, it’s the future of this wine region that really excites us.

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Altitude1,000m – 2,000m above sea level
Growing SeasonMarch - August
Rail fall average1140mm
Mean January Temp-2°C - 6°C
Red share of region90%
White share of the region10%

Pais Vasco

Lying on the western end of the sweeping Pyrenees Mountains and bordering on France, you’ll find the Pais Vasco wine region. While Pais Vasco is relatively lesser known than some of the more famous Spanish wine regions, it’s definitely made a name for itself: this is wine from Basque Country. Enjoying a high rainfall and mild temperatures, their headlining wine is Txakoli. A traditionally home-made wine, it’s straightforward, uncomplicated and a firm part of the region’s identity.

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Altitude711m above sea level
Growing SeasonMarch - August
Rail fall average500mm
Mean January Temp6.5°C
Red share of region80%
White share of the region20%

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