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AustraliaDiscover the best wine producing regions in our own back yard.
SpainTake a trip to the sun-soaked wine regions of Spain.
ItalyDiscover what gives these Italian wine regions their distinct flavour.
FranceExplore some of the world’s most famous wine producing regions.

Barossa Valley

One of Australia’s most famous regions, wine has existed in the Barossa Valley since 1842. It’s a place that more than 550 grape growing families call home – and if you dig deep enough, you can even find some sixth-generation families working the land. Practically unique in its situation, it’s one of the only regions in Australia with neighbouring warm and cool climate growing conditions. It enjoys a diversity of growing conditions and soil types, with Barossa Shiraz and Eden Valley Riesling leading the way as regional heroes.

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Altitude230m - 370m above sea level
Growing SeasonOctober - April
Rail fall average160mm
Mean January Temp21.4°C
Red share of region89%
White share of the region11%


Come and explore the rolling hills of the Canberra wine region. While it’s fairly young by wine region standards, with the first vines planted in 1971, it’s an elevated district that experiences extremes of climate – from hot, dry summers to crisp, cold winters – meaning it’s garnering a reputation as producing some high quality cool climate wines. It’s an evolving region that’s exciting to watch. And, while much of the area is technically in New South Wales, we’re not going to tell.

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Altitude300m – 800m above sea level
Growing SeasonOctober - April
Rail fall average630mm
Mean January Temp20.2°C
Red share of region47%
White share of the region53%


Just two hours south of Perth, the Geographe wine region is fast earning a reputation as one of the most exciting Western Australian wine regions. Spanning from Harvey in the north, Busselton in the south and out east to Donnybrook, the region hugs the Geographe Bay, enjoying a cooling afternoon sea breeze that provides the hallmark of a long, stable growing season. It’s a climate that’s ideal for crafting award-winning Shiraz, Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc and is known as one of Australia’s most geographically diverse regions.

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Altitude5m- 70m above sea level
Growing SeasonOctober - April
Rail fall average185mm - 220mm
Mean January Temp22°C
Red share of region64%
White share of the region36%

Great Southern

With a beautifully rugged coastline and striking tall timber forests, WA’s Great Southern is a land rich in biodiversity. Stretching inland from the coastal towns of Denmark and Albany, it’s actually made up of five different sub-regions, with over 2,300ha under vine. Known for its exceptional cool climate wines, the Great Southern is home to some world class wineries. But what’s truly exciting is their attitude and focus on continuous improvement across classic varietals – a culture that’s making room for innovation and contemporary exploration.

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Altitude50m - 300m above sea level
Growing SeasonOctober - April
Rail fall average287mm - 354mm
Mean January Temp18.7°C - 19°C
Red share of region59%
White share of the region41%

Hunter Valley

Situated north of Sydney, the Hunter Valley has a rich wine history that dates back to the 1800s. Emerging as a successful winegrowing region in the 1820s, the area benefits from rich, fertile soils and warm, humid temperatures. Known for varietals like Semillon and Shiraz, Verdelho and Chardonnay, wine producing families in the region continue bottling excellent wines, built on 200 years of tradition, experience and hard work.

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Altitude75m - 250m above sea level
Growing SeasonOctober - April
Rail fall average240mm - 530mm
Mean January Temp22.3°C - 22.7°C
Red share of region47%
White share of the region53%

Margaret River

While one of Australia’s youngest wine regions, in its 60 or so years Margaret River wineries have garnered a well-earned reputation as producing some world-class wines. And, with a reputation as one of the world’s most geographically isolated wine regions, it’s punching far above its weight. Founded on rich, ancient soils and enjoying a truly unique biodiversity, a unique quirk of the area makes Margaret River one of the few wine regions in the world that can grow vines on their own root system. This allows for high quality heritage clones of grape varieties and means we can enjoy the distinct tastes of a beautifully fresh Margaret River Chardonnay or a silky, velvety Cabernet Sauvignon.

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Altitude40m - 227m above sea level
Growing SeasonOctober - April
Rail fall average100mm - 275mm
Mean January Temp20.4°C
Red share of region49%
White share of the region51%

Mornington Peninsula

Nestled along the southern climes of Port Phillip Bay, the Mornington Peninsula features a distinct maritime climate that produces high quality cool climate wines – wines that are said to rival those of famous French wine regions. With rich, red volcanic soils and hills rising 300m above sea level, the region’s climate is dominated by strong winds that sweep the land from Port Phillip Bay and the Bass Strait. A prolonged and gentle Autumn usually results in fully ripe grapes with high natural acidity and fine tannins, which lets us enjoy wines with stacks of flavour and personality.

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Altitude25m - 320m above sea level
Growing SeasonOctober - April
Rail fall average320mm - 388mm
Mean January Temp18.8°C - 21°C
Red share of region59%
White share of the region41%


Riverina is the largest wine producing region in New South Wales. It’s an area characterised by flat plains and a warm Mediterranean climate; a place in which grapes thrive. Now known for its Semillon, Chardonnay and Shiraz, it wasn’t always the case. A low annual rainfall saw early settlers look for irrigation solutions from the nearby Lachlan and Murrumbidgee rivers. Thankfully for us, it’s a region that has prospered against the odds and is now home for winemakers keen on exploring alternative varieties.

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Altitude140m above sea level
Growing SeasonOctober - April
Rail fall average200mm
Mean January Temp23.8°C
Red share of region49%
White share of the region51%

Tamar Valley

Discover naturally elegant wines from one of Australia’s most southern wine regions. Featuring grapes grown in climates similar to its European counterparts, the Tamar Valley enjoys mild summers and long Autumn days, allowing the grapes to ripen and gain an intense flavour. Famous for its cool climate wines, the area has cultivated a well-deserved international reputation. Known for its Pinot Noir and sparkling wines, from white wines such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris, to its full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignons.

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Altitude50m - 210m above sea level
Growing SeasonOctober - April
Rail fall average310mm - 360mm
Mean January Temp16.8°C - 17.2°C
Red share of region47%
White share of the region53%

Yarra Valley

45km east of Melbourne’s CBD lies Victoria’s oldest wine region, with the first vines planted in 1838. With a diverse natural climate ranging from Mediterranean to continental, it’s known predominately as a cool-climate region. A greatly differing altitude across the Yarra Valley wineries and a wealth of soil types, provides the makings of a dynamic and exciting wine region known the world over for its Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

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Altitude50m - 430m above sea level
Growing SeasonOctober - April
Rail fall average750mm - 950mm
Mean January Temp17.9°C - 19.4°C
Red share of region65%
White share of the region35%

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