At Seekwine our mission is to connect you directly to independent wineries in the world’s best wine-producing regions, so you can access better wine, at a better price.

We want you to fall in love with buying wine again

Tired of the mindless bottle shop run? So are we. Seekwine exists as a treasure trove of delicious, hard-to-find wines. Wines that are difficult to source anywhere outside the cellar door.

There’s a whole world of wine out there for you to seek out and explore

We’re more than a wine club. More than an online bottle shop. We’re here to help you reconnect with the local wineries that you know and love or discover new wineries a little off the beaten track. To experience new and interesting vineyards that expand your palate and broaden your horizons.

We’re a family-run business supporting family-run wineries

Our mission is simple. We believe that the hard-working producers should receive a fair return for their work. So we’re all about celebrating the real people that make the wine.

Our story actually starts back in 1928…

Sure, we’re a wine subscription service that lets you buy wine online. That’s pretty obvious. But we didn’t start here.

Our story begins back when our founder’s father, Giuseppe, arrived from Italy in 1928. He landed in WA and established a small citrus farm on the banks of the Harvey River.

But his passion was always winemaking…

We exist to champion family-run wineries, because we know where they come from

Inspired by Giuseppe’s passion, work ethic and the dream he never truly gave up on, our family decided to take a bigger role in wine making. In 1999 we established our very own winery – followed by the business development of Seekwine Australia.

As the business and technology grew, we could see the potential that an online wine delivery service had to connect hard-working local producers with people like you. People that want the thrill of the adventure and truly love and appreciate exceptional wine.

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